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About this Site

This website is dedicated to promote the enduring legacy of Henri Nouwen, one of the greatest spiritual writers of the last century. It is owned and managed by Wil Hernandez whose Ph.D. dissertation work focused upon the study of Nouwen's counterintuitive and countercultural brand of spirituality.
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Favorite Sites

This section connects you to the favorite sites Wil Hernandez frequents that are directly related to his ministry work in the area of spiritual formation (including activities and events focusing on Henri Nouwen).

Henri Nouwen Official Website [www.henrinouwen.org] As a member of the Henri Nouwen Society, Wil Hernandez works in close partnership with this group of friends. Everyone is invited to be a friend of the Society. This website (nouwenlegacy.com) depends in large part on the vast resources that are already available for access through the official site of the Henri Nouwen Society.

The Leadership Institute (TLI) [www.tli.cc]
Wil Hernandez has worked with TLI for six years and is presently an affiliate staff of this parachurch organization that specializes in integrating spiritual formation with leadership development. Formerly, he served as the Director of the Southern California Postmodern Mission Project, developing a regional network of people, churches, academic institutions, and organizations fostering spiritual formation through a partnership with the Denver-based Spiritual Formation Alliance.

The Spiritual Formation Alliance (SFA) [www.sfanetwork.org]
The Spiritual Formation Alliance is a relational network of Christian organizations and individuals which offers relationships, resources, and activities to other individuals and organizations enabling them to cooperate with the spiritual formation ministry of the Holy Spirit. In direct partnership with TLI, Wil Hernandez, in his former capacity as Director of the Southern California (SoCal) Postmodern Mission Project, was seconded to SFA for two years by serving as the coordinator of the SoCal Spiritual Formation Partners - an informal network of church pastors and leaders, staff and faculty in various academic institutions, leaders of parachurch ministries, and spiritual directors involved in the work of spiritual formation.

Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS) [www.fuller.edu]
Wil Hernandez serves as an adjunct professor teaching in the field of spirituality/spiritual formation at Fuller's main campus in Pasadena and several regional extension sites. He started teaching his first course on the spirituality of Henri Nouwen (SP 511) during the spring quarter of 2005. This website will provide you the latest information and direct you to the most current course he is teaching on Nouwen and other spirituality courses both in the Fuller Pasadena main campus as well as in Fuller's extension sites.

Spring Arbor University (SAU) [msfl.arbor.edu]
Presently, Wil is an associate professor of Christian Spirituality at SAU where he also directs its Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (MSFL) online program while based in Southern California. In addition, Wil holds the SAU's Andrews Endowed Chair in Spiritual Formation.

Miscellaneous Links
This section provides temporary links to sites where Wil Hernandez occasionally ministers (either teaching, lecturing, facilitating retreats, etc.). It will be updated periodically to reflect Wil Hernandez's most recent involvements especially in promoting the spiritual legacy of Henri Nouwen.

Azusa Pacific University (APU)
Loyola Marymount University (LMU)
Oblate School of Theology (OST)
Hope International University (HIU)
Tyndale College & Seminary (Toronto)